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A youtube channel and movement that turns written poetry into short mini films. We want to give poetry and creative writing a new platform to shine. The power of the written word combined with music and emotive imagery can be a force for sharing human experience.

We want to share the work of poets from all over the world and showcase this inspirational medium in it's full glory.


Join us by sharing your poetry or show some love by liking our videos and subscribing to our channel. We have a patreon page full of perks

& benefits too.


Our Patreon community allow us to make more videos, get more poets involved and gets us that little bit closer to a full length poetry motion picture. It takes us around 4 hours to create a video and with only one editor we are restricted on how many we can release. We are so utterly grateful to all our patrons or their amazing support. Find out more.  

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If anything you have seen in our videos, heard on our podcasts, seen on social media or found on this website has been triggering or uncomfortable then the helplines and support services listed in every video and podcast description.

Please consult with your healthcare provider as nothing we share is a substitute for professional help. Always watch with care and turn off if you need to.

Always put yourself first. 

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